10 Institutions that Are Irretrievably Corrupt

I woke up feeling a little punchy today…the movie “Argo” still has me kind of annoyed actually. It seems like you can’t go anywhere without having somebody draw you into some kind of ill-informed discussion. People get furious with you if you aren’t a gun-toting, bible-thumping, red-blooded patriot who hates government spending unless that spending is on the military, and loves the idea of charity as long as they’re never asked to actually give anything.
The wider, bigger joke is actually on anyone who would actually engage in any kind of discussion like this, because the truth is that the whole enterprise of “social discourse” is just to keep people distracted from the fact that the world is totally corrupt. Yes, all those “traditional values” that people think are important would be great, if there was anyone out there who actually attempted to live by them (besides just suckers I mean). But the truth is that nobody in any position of power or influence holds higher values as anything dear.
To prove this point, I’ve collected this list of 10 institutions that are irretrievably corrupt. I’ll start out small, but I’m sure I’ll hit a nerve before I’m done (so stay to the end).
1. Professional Sports: Sports are there as a distraction to real life, so it’s annoying to see that they’ve been utterly corrupted. You’d think you could find some truth at least in something so basic as who can cross a designated finish line in the shortest time. Alas, people have managed to make even that result suspect. But you can’t just blame guys like Lance Armstrong. That guy failed a drug test in 1999, but the ruling body let him continue racing. Why? Because the whole frickin’ sport is corrupt from top to bottom. But this isn’t just limited to professional Cycling, Soccer is one of the easiest sports in the world to fix the result–just look at this article about Fifa I wrote a few years ago. The fact is, nobody wants to see who is “truly” the best at anything, everybody just wants to line their pockets. Mission accomplished.
2. Government: This one goes back to “Argo” again and I usually don’t run into too many arguments from people when I make a general criticism of government. Human beings have fallen in to a kind of sad state of acceptance that our government is going to screw us over. Newsflash world, it doesn’t have to be that way. What if we used some kind of scientific evaluation to assess the performance of politicians? Naw…that’d be too hard for the general populace to understand and implement…why…
3. Because EDUCATION is totally corrupt: Yes, if people were actually educated, they’d be much harder to control. It’s a lot easier to influence the masses when they’re a bunch of ignorant savages who lack the knowledge or brainpower to know when they’re being bullshitted. It’s easy enough to see politicians blatantly contradict themselves in the course of a single debate (they don’t even bother to limit their self-contradictions to separate speaking engagements anymore), but average people don’t even notice because they don’t grasp the concept of the basic definitions of words. Oh, and having worked in education, I’ve seen teachers change student’s grades just because “they didn’t like that kid.” But none of this is ever exposed because…
4. The media is totally corrupt: What a shock! This point is often overlooked in favor of the totally asinine “is the media liberal/conservative” debate. Look, if you’re one of those people who runs around endlessly screaming that the media is “liberal” or “conservative” you deserve to be slapped in the face. That’s not the type of thing that you can measure and it is just designed as a distraction to keep you focused on something other than the real problem…that being that the media ISN’T DOING ITS JOB! Reporting is dead and the only way to get any attention these days is to write a blog post about yourself…if you’re lucky one of the mainstream media outlets will pick it up and make you famous, regardless of whether or not anything you said had merit. However, if you feel guilty about your new found fame you can always seek cheap absolution because…
5. All World Religions are totally Corrupt: Really, I have to argue this one? Pope Benedict just stepped down after leaving an enduring legacy as “the Pope who was super easy on Pedophiles.” I don’t understand how good people can claim to be religious when institutions like the Catholic church have covered up child molesters for decades. The other sick thing about religions is that they all preach peace and they’re all on a single-minded mission to destroy any and all people who practice a religion than differs from their own. Uh-huh, there’s no such thing as benevolent genocide people.
6. Traditional Values: This phrase gets thrown about a lot, but anything “traditional” pretty much sucks. Look, slavery is a “traditional” practice, so is selling your daughter for a sheep. Screw tradition. It used to be tradition to crush a guy’s skull with a femur bone so you could steal his family and his most recent kill. Let’s look forward people, the only thing we have in the past is carnage and confusion.
7. Economics: This is another one where everybody is always confused with pre-conceived notions. Here’s a good video for illustrating how much corruption there is in economics.

8. Health Care: Don’t think health care is corrupt? Try going up to a doctor and trading one hour of your professional time for an hour of theirs. These people actually have the audacity to charge by the MINUTE! You’re better off sitting around at home and just getting healthier on your own because the sad, secret truth to health care is that YOUR BODY DOES ALL THE HEALING! Doctors should be paying YOU for doing the work!
9. Love: Everybody talks about love like it’s a grand thing, but there certainly is a darker side to it. I’ve come to accept that sacrifice is necessary to preserve the things I love, and that my love skews my perception of what is right. For example, if I had to chose between wiping out the whole indigenous population of some small country I’d never heard of, or suffer watching one of my daughters endure even an instant of pain or discomfort…what do you think I’m going to chose? That’s right…bye, bye, natives (the truth is that everyone thinks this way, but most people are too corrupt to admit it).
10. Your Basic Perception of Reality: Compared to an eagle, we’re blind; compared to a wolf, we can’t smell; compared to a canine, we’re deaf. The fact is, human senses suck. The result of this is that we create elaborate, conceptual models in our mind for how the world work and we act on those models. The problem is those models aren’t at all accurate and they lead us to flawed and faulty conclusions. The result…we’re constantly getting screwed and we don’t know why.
So there you have it folks, avoid those 10 things. Oh, and for the record, the only non-corrupted thing on the Earth is the scientific method…when it is used properly. The problem is that many scientists don’t obey their own doctrine, so you should even be a little skeptical where science is concerned (luckily scientists anticipate and encourage that attitude–if you can find one who isn’t totally corrupt).

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