4th of July With Clyde

Yup, this was back at my awesome 4th of July party (the one that Rodney didn’t come to, much to his everlasting regret). Clyde was there, drinking Corona and wearing a Sombrero at my insistance. I’m giving him a kind of suspicous look here, I don’t know what he was pulling, probably nothing since I tend to give everyone that shifty look sooner or later, but this one was caught on camera so I suppose I’ll have to come up with a reason.

You see, Clyde was just going on about how the date of the American revolution wasn’t the 4th of July after all, because according to the Gregarian calendar (which used to have three hundred and FORTY days) there was an entire month that had to be added years later (when the US converted to the Greko-Roman calendar that we use today). The month that was added was July (along with 7 days being taken off the previously longest month of February which used to have 35 days…back in the Gregarian calendar)….

So that’s what Clyde was saying and that’s why I’m giving him this shifty look, because it’s all nonsense of course.

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  1. Rodney

    Now I really wish I had come to the party.

  2. 09/28/2016

    Since we were in a Mexican restaurant and I was under the influence of a few beers I would of more likely talked about the Mayan calendar and how they predicted on July 4th 2009 a great gringo would rise up and wear a mighty sombrero proudly in display to the masses. And how this would be the final sign to the end of world and the apocalypse. Thus the look on your face.


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