A Billboard of Upcoming Events in Peru

This billboard is a year old now so you can’t depend on seeing these great acts anytime soon, although I’m always excited to go and check out grupo 5!

Wow…talk about a billboard!  That thing looks like it’s already been through the apocalypse.  I like the fact that this billboard is perched on top of a two star hotel.
You know, as I was driving by this place (if I’m remembering the right trip) there was a sign up for a hotel for like S/. 3.  I don’t know if that was a rate for hour or for night, but man…I bet that was a pretty raunchy hotel room.
Still, whenever they do the shows to see just how clean the $1000 dollar hotels are versus the S/. 3, they usually find out that the place just lights up in glowing, throbbing colors when they turn on their UV lamps (just figure out for yourself what that indicates…but they find glowing spots on the tops of the FAN BLADES…people are living awesome lives out there).
All that being said, I’m guessing you’re running something of a risk spending too much time in one of these S/. 3 rooms…then again, maybe YOU’RE the dirtiest bastard out there!
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