A Hot Dog in a Nice Warm Jacket

Ok, this doesn’t have a whole lot to do with Peru, but I stumbled across this photo and…well, I just had to put it out there for all my loyal readers to see…You see, just how often do you see an English Bulldog who has suffered the indignity of being forced to be dressed up as a hot dog? Who even thought of that suit? And you know…just THINKING of it isn’t so bad, but then actually going through all the man hours necessary to cut the fabric, sew it, not to mention actually fighting with the dog to put it on HIM (because he knows that’s just something a dog shouldn’t be wearing).

At least it’s not as weird as those people who dress up their newborn babies like sunflowers or whatever and then take pictures of them naked and somehow avoid getting bused on child pornography laws because the images “are just so darned cute.”


Nudity is nudity and if a person is sick enough to become sexually aroused by the image of an innocent child, he’s not going to suddenly stop in his tracks and say “oh wait, this ones CUTE.”

Speaking of huge hypocrisies like that, why is it that the Who are the only rock band that are allowed to blatantly swear during the middle of their song? I was listening to some bullshit radio station here in Chippewa Falls the other day and they played some ridiculous song by “Green Day” which was significant only in the fact that it had the word “fuck” blurted out so obviously that the silence actually drew more attention to the swear word than if they’d just left it in. But later on they played the Who’s “Who Are You?” where Daltry blatantly screams out “Who the Fuck are you?” and that’s NEVER bleeped out, it’s like the band’s got some ridiculous carte blanche…at least for this song. Somebody should make an endless loop of the “Fuck” from “Who are You?” and every time somebody says “fuck” in a different song, instead of replacing it with silence, they should replace it with Daltry’s “fuck” from “Who the Fuck are You?” The FCC (or whoever monitors radio waves…NBA, UPS..whoever), would have to either allow it, or also start censoring their precious Who (incidentally, I almost came to blows with my brother on Thanksgiving when I casually mentioned that the Who is probably considered to be the third biggest band out of the sixties after the Beatles and the Rolling Stones…I wasn’t saying that I thought they were the BEST band, or even DESERVED to be third…but I believe it’s pretty fair to say that’s where they rank…still, he got furious with me, so it just goes to show you should be careful about making off the cuff random statements that you don’t think anybody gives a shit about and you’re not really making for any important reason…sort of like this whole blog I guess).

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  1. 09/28/2016

    Look…if somebody says, "Who are 'The Who'?" and you casually reply, "Oh, they were like the third best group from the sixties" you aren't annointing them anything. You're just giving a very generalized direction statement. It's sort of like if somebody asks you where you live and you say, "up North." The point is that people shouldn't get all bent out of shape over a casual statement made during a night of drinking. Now, if that statement had been made in Rolling stone magazine or something, I'd probably have had an issue with it. But just off the cuff…pbfffttt…

  2. Anonymous

    it depends on what your criteria is of "pop bands in the 60s"–is this based on record sales, money grossed, something empirical, or is this the equivalent of saying "blue is the third best color"

  3. 09/28/2016

    Sure, rarely is somebody who is ranked high in their day any good. But that's what I was saying, and I still think that if your parameters are "pop bands in the 60s" the Who is number 3. It's just a shorthand reference to give somebody who's never heard of the Who (people who were raised in South america for example) an idea as to who they are.

  4. Anonymous

    Your brother is right. History has proven that The Who is the Brittany Spears of their time: big in their own present, but steeply fading through critical and popular disdain.

  5. Anonymous

    Rankings of music bands are always subjective. But I would suggest a number of bands that should of been ranked higher then the Who if they were not. Depends on what you mean also by the top ranked.. in sales? popularity? quality songs? I am guess some type of subject basis on a mix of all those items. But I would have to rank Led Zeplen higher, Jimmy Hendrex and even maybe the Doors which all might reflect my tastes. Pink Floyd I dont think the Dark side of the moon came out in the 60's? I know the Wo was huge but my whole post might be based on my feeling that they are overated which might cuase some to instantly hate me after that comment 🙂 And when did David Bowie get popular? Money wise surpisingly he made out just as big or not bigger then both the Beatles and the Stones. And now I just remembered how can we forget the king! Elvis. Once again I am not a big fan but no doubt he was huge. I guess this topic needs a long poker game on Pizza Street to give it any justice. Of course I would lose the poker game more concerned I won the argument over whow were the best bands.. So if we ever get another game going you will have an easy 20 soles coming your way 🙂


  6. Alan

    And why is Mick Jagger allowed to sing "you make a dead man come" in Start Me Up? We may never know…

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