A Lollipop with a Couple Licks Left On it

On one of my many excursions around the streets of Lima, I came across this little lollipop that had been unceremoniously abandoned in the grass.  Now, I realize that the FDA cautions against picking up random half-eaten Lollipops that have been sitting in the dirt and which came from God knows where (or who) but seriously…look at how much MEAT is still on the bone down there!

Lollipops are more affectionately known as (I’m not going to spell this right), chupetes…and that’s all I’m going to say.  Let’s just put it this way, “chupete” is a good nickname to have.
Actually, that’d be a nice T-shirt for me to print up and sell in Lima.  Imagine wandering the dark corridors of Javier Prado with a shirt with the phrase:
“Hola, me llamo chupete!”
Emblazoned on the front.
Just don’t wear that shirt as you walk by the bus station…especially if you’re out wandering around at like 3:30 AM.
Man, I just told you guys a whole lot about life in Lima without ever explicitly stating anything.
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