A Much Better Garbage Can Design

When I was in Peru last time, I posted an article about how the typical garbage cans you find on a city street are a poor design.  My main point in the article was that the hole was too small on a typical can and it made the task of emptying it ten times more of a pain in the ass than it needed to be.  You can check that article out here.  You should also check out the comments because, oddly, people disagreed with me.

I still contend that anybody who thinks that other garbage can is a good design has never spent a full work week doing manual labor.  I, on the other hand, have, and believe me the FIRST thing you develop on a manual labor job is a sharp eye for the things that are making your life ten times more tedious than they have to be.

My problem, in life, is that I’ve never been able to keep my mouth shut when I see a better way to do things.  What I’ve found is that it’s not that people don’t know that there is a better way to do things, it’s that they’ve just resigned themselves to doing things the shitty, stupid way.  It’s amazing the arms you have to twist and the fights you have to go through just for the right to do things in an efficient, practical manner (this is probably why I’m far more inclined to being self-employed).

Well, apparently there’s somebody else in Lima who agrees garbage cans could be designed better, the proof being the above garbage can.  If it were my job to empty out all the garbage cans on a city street, I’d MUCH rather use this garbage can than the one in my prior article.  As you can see, it still has a protective lid on the top to keep…whatever…out.  This lid is still fastened in place (because half the people who commented thought that a lid would be stolen and the prior design was the only way to ensure that it wouldn’t be).  This garbage can still swivels on a pivot so you can empty it out, and it has the added advantage of a HUGE opening so the garbage falls out without you having to reach in and grab it.

Thank you, point, set, match, all of you that disagreed with me have been officially OWNED.  If you still don’t think I’m right, try spitting out the silver spoon and WORKING for a week or two.

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