A Perfect Distribution of Spanish Wine

The last time I was in Peru, my wife’s family celebrated by bringing over a bottle of Spanish wine.  At least, that’s what they told me it was, but I didn’t understand why it was that color.

Anyway, I showed off my prowess by quickly pouring the wine out into six EXACTLY EQUAL portions!  I was so proud at how perfect my distribution was, that I took the above picture.
One of the things about Peruvians is that they are very reluctant to embrace their Spanish heritage, and are much more likely to associate themselves with the Incas.  It’s true too, the cultural vibe of Peru is far more Incan than Spanish (although that’s the type of statement that you have to live in a place for a decade or so before you can really understand it).
Speaking of that, I really haven’t spent as much time in Spain as I would have liked to.  I’ve been their a couple times, and I’ve also had some lengthy discussions with people who had recently returned from spain holidays.  Still, knowing my friends, I can’t be sure how reliable their stories are.
One of my friends insisted that in Spain, it was common to mix Coca-Cola and cheap wine.  This may sound a little bizarre at first, but when you consider that Sangria is just a mixture of red wine and some kind of soda, then Coca-Cola as a mixer no longer seems so odd.  Still, I have to admit that I haven’t tried the “Spanish” sangria of Coke + wine (maybe the wine of the above picture would have been a good candidate).
Still lots of places to visit and many experiences to have.  It’s difficult to be bored now isn’t it?
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