A Photo Tour of Choquequirao

Yesterday I mentioned that I would show you some photos of Choquequirao.  For all of these “Inca Trail” posts, I’ve been putting up, I’ve been showing you photos from my Nikon S8100.  The Nikon is just a point and shoot, and although it’s a good camera, it’s not a DSLR.

The Nikon was useful for when I was still hiking up to the ruins but once I got there and didn’t have to worry about the dust of the road, I shot pretty much all DSLR.
Now, I’m just going to put up every single picture I took out there.  I’m not going to go through and painstakingly pick out the “best ones” because I figure the majority of the people on this planet are never going to get the chance to see Choquequirao.  You simply can’t get the feel for the place from the 6 best photos some guy took, so I’m going to post 1000 photos (you really can’t get the feel of the place from looking at 1000 photos either…but it’s better than just looking at 6).
The sad thing is, I wish I had been able to get there in the early morning or early evening.  I was there in the middle of the day, so the light was pretty brutal.  Still, it’s tough to take a bad photo in the mountains of Peru, and I had some cloud cover now and then to soften things up.
The photo above is the entryway.  You have to walk down a long pathway just to get to the base of the ruins.  Just that passage is pretty striking actually.  Imagine being there all…by…yourself!
Here’s another shot of the lower ruins on the approach.  I didn’t get a chance to climb down there because I was too frickin’ tired.  Hopefully I’ll have more energy on the trip this year, but we’re doing an accelerated schedule, so I doubt I’ll get down there.

Here’s another shot of the entryway.

Sequentially, the photo from the very top of this entry goes right after this photo.


The blue signs put up by the Peruvian government.  Plaza is where you want to go.  I think Piki Wasi is a bit of a hike.

The higher you get up, the more of the ruins you can see.  I walked in on the bottom of the visible terraces.

Same shot, but with the mountains in the background.

Finally up on the Plaza.

A structure of stones on the bottom end of the central plaza.
I suppose that’s as many pictures as you can take for today.  I’ll keep posting more of them periodically throughout the month of June!
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