A Solution to the Lima Humidity

As many of you know, Lima gets a little bit humid. It’s ridiculously humid actually, walking around Lima is like walking around in the shallow end of a swimming pool.  For most of the year, this is pretty pleasant, but during winter, like now, Lima can instill you with a kind of bone chilling cold.

Now, I’m from Wisconsin, so I know what cold is.  For all the crap that Wisconsin gets in the media and in the general perception of all the dipshit, arrogant-as-hell, Americans that I know (and I’m really seriously tired of American attitude…I mean, American as a country is find, as a piece of real estate it’s beautiful, but as a collection of entitled, under-educated, pompous imbeciles who are only about a third as talented as they think they are, it’s second to none…I think the founding fathers would look at the current American populace and simply weep, but that’s just me), the one thing that everybody is pretty willing to concede is that people from Wisconsin know cold.
When I first came to Lima, I used to laugh at the admonitions of the general populace to “abrigarme” and not go outside without a jacket even if it’s a balmy 55 degrees.
But the thing is, the chill of a nice autumn day combined with a TON of moisture in the air produces a bone-aching cold.  The Lima cold sinks in and does not leave.  In Wisconsin, we have a dry cold because at -40 (that’s the same in Centigrade and Fahrenheit) all the moisture in the air has turned to ice.  But in Peru it stays as chilly water and it permeates everything.
Well, to beat this cold you should just wear a couple layers and a nice jacket.  But if you want to be extreme, you can also cover your entire building in a cheap green tarp to keep the moisture out.
Seriously, can you comprehend the SIZE of that tarp!  Where do you buy something like that?  Holy cow!  It doesn’t look all that big in that tiny little picture, but imagine trying to pick that sucker up?
Frankly, I think it’s easier to just put on a jacket.
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  1. 09/22/2016

    That's actually the new Hilton around the street from my apartment. I can see it from my kitchen window. Anyway, they started to build past Miraflores' maximum building code for height (around 18 floors) and were forced to stop work. This was like 4 months ago and it's looked like your photo ever since.

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