A Walk Through Pizza St.

Right in the center of Miraflores, a block down from the Ovalo, there is a quaint little row of bars affectionately known as “La Calle de Los Pizzas.” Sooner or later you’re probably going to go there, and if you’re not prepared…a video of you doing something embarrassing is probably going to end up on YouTube.

Yesterday I videotaped a walkthrough and then used my mad editing skills on Vista Movie Maker to bring you the following video. Keep in mind that this video was taken on a Friday night at about 9 o’clock, so not much was happening yet:

The waitress in the middle of the film is named Jenny, and she’s one of the few waitresses on Pizza street that actually serves your food before 2.5 hours have expired. She had a message of love for somebody named “Whinnie Pooh,” who knows what she’s talking about?

I would have brought you this video with sound, but upon filming it I realized that I have an annoying, high-pitched giggle that absolutely needed to be edited out. I wonder how anybody’s managed to put up with me for any length of time…sigh…the things you find out about yourself through the magic of video. My next thought was to edit the film with some eerie music from “Raiders of the Lost Ark” but I couldn’t find any free downloads. I’m such an internet cro-magnon…everything should be free and readily avialable otherwise…what’s the point?

Getting back to Pizza street, as you walk through, every waiter and waitress jumps out to offer you free drinks and good food. You have to push them aside. Peruvian flute players stalk the shadows and insist you pay them to play for you. Most of the time they sound OK, but what drives me crazy about them is that they represent a species of people that have come into existence essentially in response to the tourists. I suppose there are true Peruvian flute players, but they aren’t like the ones you find on Pizza street (the recent South Park episode about this was strangely poignant…I wonder if those two have been to Peru recently).

So, to sum up, Pizza street is a great place to come and have a beer and watch the gringos make fools of themselves…See you there.

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  1. 09/28/2016

    I was just trying to stir some conversation… You're right about the limited selection, I couldn't name any Peruvian beers other than those you already named and I don't know of any micro-brews.

    Here in Cusco you can get a few of the better known international brews, since it's so touristy. I also tried a few Bolivian brews on our trip to La Paz, which were pretty good.


  2. 09/28/2016

    Que cosa??? Not a beer country? I'm Belgian and I think Cerveza Cusqueña is the best beer around… I will agree that after Cerveza Cusqueña the list of good Peruvian beer is rather slim.

    I too think the atmosphere, not the food, is the main attraction on Pizza Row.

  3. 09/28/2016

    Hi Barb,
    Naw, the food on Pizza street isn't all that good. If you want good Pizza, you should go up to Shehadi which is only a couple blocks away. The pizza there is expensive, but it's delicious.

    Pizza street is for people watching. Some crazy stuff goes drifting through there, I mean stuff that rocks your perception of reality to the core. It's awesome.

    If you're into beer, the English Pub at the end of the street has a pretty good selection. It's nothing to write home about (Peru just isn't a beer country) but they have a few options you can't get at Wong or Vivanda.


  4. 09/28/2016

    Ben — good overview of the atmosphere of Pizza Street. Would you recommend any of the pizzerias there? I've never found any that I liked, although about 8 years ago there was a restaurant that served good fettucine w/pesto (the place is now gone).

  5. Anonymous

    People in Lima do drink more than Pilsen, Cusqueña, or Cristal!
    The more popular in 2009-2010 were and are actually Brahma and Barena!

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