An Incan Stairway to Heaven

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Where does that stairway come from and where does it go?  It’s pretty hard to explain just how precarious the ruins of Wayna Picchu (overlooking Machu Picchu) are.  You really do have to go there and crawl around.

Looking at this now, I’m not sure how happy I’m going to be to bring my little daughter up there.  Much of the time, you’re literally inches away from a thousand foot drop into rocks and wilderness.  Whoever built the mountain was in a rush to go straight up and they didn’t lay down much of a foundation.
Machu Picchu gets a fair amount of rain.  Sometimes it’s strange to think that Lima is even in the same country as Machu Picchu.  In fact, the whole Cuzco/sacred valley region is radically different.  Lima’s like a crazy oasis in the middle of the desert, and Cuzco is actually something you could predict might sustain itself.
After all, they have topless stairways that serve no other purpose than going straight skyward.  Whoever was crazy enough to build something like THAT, had to have some sense of the bigger picture.  Seriously, you should fly down to Peru right now and check it out (Lan Flights).
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  1. 09/27/2016

    Loved my climb up Wayna Picchu in November, really glad I did it.
    Squeezed through the rock Cave bit at the top, circled round and came down those near vertical steps, started to rain to0, my Peruvian Girlfriend just skipped down them like a mountain goat. I resorted to coming down backwards like on a ladder. Only way I could gets my feet on the tiny steps.
    Least it wasn't on my arse like quite a few others.
    Highly recommended… Wayna Piccu, great feeling of satisfaction at the top.

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