An Unusual Coincidence at the Corner Bar in Lima, Peru

I think I’ve probably written about this photo before, but it’s a good story that’s worth repeating (and I doubt I’ll repeat it 100% the same as I did the last time anyway…so there).

This picture is from when we were celebrating the Indianapolis Colts vs Chicago Bears Super Bowl after the 2006 season (so this is early 2007 probably).  I’m sitting there with my wife (girlfriend at the time) Zulma.  To my right is Gina and her husband David.
Zulma and I met Gina and David while we were working at Lord Byron School in La Molina.  This was right when the school year had ended, and we were still on a high from that.  We’d been working hard all year, and it was good to take some time off and just party a lot with friends, etc.  To my left, you can see the remains of the Corner’s famous “tower of beer.”  We’d already been through one or two of those…thus adding to the awesomeness.
I’m not sure where Rex Chatterman is.  I’m sure he was at the Corner, but he was probably in the bathroom or something swinging from the rafters…or maybe he’d taken possession of the toilet paper and was dolling it out for a 50 centimo “tip” (per square).  You never know with that guy.
Anyway, seated directly behind me are two guys that I didn’t even know at the time.  The one on the left (smoking a cigar) is Tom (he is the webmaster of, a blog about playing Texas Hold ’em in Lima).  Underneath the circle of pendants is Clyde, who is now my neighbor in Peru.  
Shortly after this photo, David and Gina returned to the US, so I started looking for new people to hang out with and, someway or another, ended up hanging out with Tom and Clyde.  We really didn’t start hanging out much until about 4 or 5 months after this picture was taken, so it was kind of weird to be going through my photos one day and notice, “weird…you guys are IN all my photos from six months ago!”
But that’s pretty much the way it is in Peru.  There probably aren’t all that many cities that are among the ten biggest metropolitan areas in the world, yet feel like a small town of only a couple thousand inhabitants.  I suppose it’s because the gringo watering holes are all the same and people tend to exist within the same circles.  Still…it’s awesome (don’t see Owen in this picture though…but he doesn’t like American Football)!
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