Annoying Tourists Make Cusco Irritating

I’d like Cusco a whole lot more if it weren’t for all the irritating tourists. I like the Peruvians that live there, except for the ones that have come to expect certain behaviors because EVERY SINGLE TOURIST comes to Cusco and has the EXACT SAME EXPERIENCE.
Maybe I’m just getting jaded, or I’ve been in Lima too long, but seriously, it’s bizarre how you can walk around the Plaza de Armas in Cusco and see people having the exact same conversations every time you’re there.  The same thing’s true about Machu Picchu for that matter, just how many photos of Machu Picchu do you think are taken which then languish forever unseen on some computer hard drive that’s tucked away in a damp basement.
The conversation that set me off this time was by a bunch of girls who were waiting for my delayed Peruvian airlines flight.  We thought we’d gotten through because they’d finally ushered us out of the waiting area and onto a bus…but then we waited on the bus for about an hour so that wasn’t much better.
Anyway, to make matters worse, while I was waiting I had to listen to these girls complain about how unfair it was that their private school grades were lower than what students got in public schools.
“Grade inflation is so bad in public schools that I have a lower GPA even though I have a BETTER education because I went to a private school…however, I don’t know if the Universities know that so they evaluate me unfairly.”
Comments like that make me want to shove a person’s head in a toilet.
So I’m supposed to pity you because your family has enough money to send you to some damn $10,000 a semester private high school, but you think it’s unfair because they give out lower grades…and somehow that’s a big stress source for you.  Honestly, I don’t think you should worry because it sounds like mommy and daddy can pretty much arrange any pseudo reality for you that you want to choose…it’s not like you’re ever going to be REALLY evaluated…like the impoverished people of the country you’re visiting have to suffer on a daily basis.
Seriously…these loudmouths sit there and scream trite bullshit like this at the top of their lungs and then they wonder why pickpockets and other thieves target them.  Honestly, getting robbed of everything she owned would have probably been the best thing to ever happen to this girl, at least that would have been REAL and it kind of sounded like this girl had never had a real experience in her life.
But like I said, Cusco is so tourist friendly these days that hardly anyone gets robbed, abducted or killed anymore.  Shame.
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