Another Colorful Streets of Lima Post

Are the days of images plastered on sign posts as a reasonable way of spreading information over?  These days, as Dean is wont to note, most people are so buried in their cell phones that they probably don’t even notice a sign post anymore.
Back when I was a single guy, it used to cost me no small amount of irritation when I’d be walking down the street trying to catch the eye of a pretty girl who was so overwhelmingly fixated on her cell phone that she was utterly cut off to all of the world around her.  You literally see people walk out into streets and get hit by cars because of their damn phones these days.  Then you have to put up with a bunch of media crap about what a tragedy it is, when I think if a person is stupid enough to get themselves killed because they can’t look up from their cell phone for two seconds, then good riddance to them.
Speaking of that, have you heard the news about this woman who walked into the propeller of an airplane and lost her hand and an eye?  The fact that she’s a model made the media take this as a big tragedy, but seriously, who is so stupid and self-absorbed that they walk right into an airplane propeller.  I mean, sure, I feel a little bad for her, but the pilot TOLD her the propeller was there.  If you’ve ever hung around with attractive models, you know how they’re inclined to just not listen to anything anybody around them who they think is inferior is inclined to say.  Well, sometimes the comments of those “inferior” people keep you from losing your hand and your eye.
Now look, I don’t know this person, so maybe she is a legitimately nice woman.  I don’t know though…it’s just been my experience that extremely attractive people tend to be airhead, self-absorbed assholes (Kardashian anyone?).
But all that’s beside the point.
I suppose street posts are still going to be relevant when the revolution comes.  That’s the UNDERGROUND!  That’s the place where the huge media conglomerates have trouble exerting absolute control.  There are occasionally voices in the world that develop a following despite the fact that their message isn’t forcefully jammed down your throat like a Pepsi ad featuring Britany Speers.
Think of “Streets of Lima” as a virtual flyer covered street post. 
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