Another Dented Car in Lima

You sure do see a lot of beat up cars driving around in Lima. What do you think happened in this case? The guy got a little too close to some kind of barrier when he was making a turn? I see he lost his front hubcap as well.

Half the time you see dents like this patched up with body filler. They smear that stuff on vehicles down there like it was sunblock.

Still, overall this vehicle doesn’t look too bad. I’d get into it and use it as a taxi if it were available. Dents don’t mess up a vehicle all that much, the thing that really makes them dangerous is rust. I remember seeing a dump truck that looked about like it was going to break in half because it was so well bowed in the center. It was actually to the point where the driver was having a hard time seeing because the driver’s seat had been tilted back so much.

Still, I’d rather have cars in bad shape than sixty libraries filled with legal books outlining what you are “allowed” to drive. You just have to put it in perspective I guess.

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