Another Great Peru Blog: What Little Things (Huancayo, Peru)

One of my readers mentioned the “What Little Things” blog out of Huancayo, Peru, so I thought I’d give it a little shout out on my page here.  The reader who commented is one of the many who post under “Anonymous” in the comments section (you can go back and read the comments of my past articles to see what I mean).

Turns out this particular anonymous commenter is really named Dr. Vincent Tufano, and he has a book out titled “Empires of Gold,” which is a piece of historical fiction that takes place in Peru.  So I guess I’m really pushing two things today, Dr. Tufano’s book, and the “What Little Things” blog.
If you want to get updates for “What Little Things,” you can “like” them on Facebook here.
From this point forward, I’d also suggest that Dr. Tufano comment on my page as “Empires of Gold” with a link to his Amazon page where people can purchase his book.  Why not?
Cheers all!
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