Another One of My Crappy Old Lima Appartments

I’m always surprised when I go through my photos to see how few pictures exist of the rooms I used to live in.  Isn’t it amazing that you can live in a place for four or ten years and in that whole time you never take a picture of the place?  I suppose it’s the same phenomenon of people who live like a block away from some historical site and they never go to see it.  To them, there’s always tomorrow since they LIVE there, so even though it’s just a block a way, their constant answer is “meh…let’s just watch TV today.”

Anyway, this is a picture of a room Zulma and I lived in for about a year and a half just of Arica.  It was nice and cheap (I hate spending more than $150 a month on rent…I’ve gotten into that habit and I’m NOT getting out of it).
Speaking of that….I mean, what the hell possesses people to spend thousands of dollars a month on mortgages and rent?  That’s just frickin’ ridiculous!  It’s been said before but I’ll say it again.  When you close your eyes every place looks exactly the same!  As long as there is a functioning toilet and a place to put your bed…you don’t need anything else.
I wonder if this is some sort of perversion that’s brought on by rampant consumerism.  I mean, on any given day I’d rather be out in the park or camping or something.  But most people these days are too obsessed with their toys, be it computer games or XBox or whatever.  It’s all digital and it’s all super frickin’ expensive since somebody along the line figured out you don’t just charge people ONCE, you charge them an initial base fee and then you charge them again every month for the REST OF THEIR LIVES!
The thing that burns me about THAT is that I can’t even use a version of Microsoft Word that I bought for a computer 15 years ago (yes, I use open office now…thanks for sharing that with me).
The way I see it, if you spend $150 a month on rent then you have the other 2k of money you saved to go to…I don’t know…go to Washington DC or something.  Take a trip!  Go out to the rainforest!
Also, if your house is a shithole you don’t sit around worrying about it all the time (spending all your time worrying is the worst thing you can do…and I’ve been guilty of that a lot lately…but hell, we’ve got a baby on the way and if that doesn’t invoke a bit of worry I don’t know what will).
So anyway, come to Peru and look for an apartment for $150.  You’ll be free to think a little bit…which can be dangerous I admit.

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  1. Anonymous

    Who cares what it looks like! For only $150 a month you got to live in Lima, Puru? WOW! I wouldn't mind doing that! How exciting! A memory you will never forget. 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    Boy! Zulma must really love you! I would never consider dating a guy who lived in such a deplorable condition…OMG, I'd run for the hills!

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