Another Side of Machu Picchu

I’m being totally random with my Machu Picchu shots here.  When I sit down later and try to systematically go through all the photos I took last trip, it’s going to turn out an absolute disaster and I’m going to repeat the same photos a hundred times.  Heck, I might have already done that, but I don’t really remember putting this shot on there before.

A couple of you were kind enough to compliment the photo from yesterday.  I’m not the world’s greatest photographer, but with cameras as good as they are these days, you no longer have to be.  They must have a pretty solid microchip in there that adjusts for all the possible settings, so you almost always get good images.
The one thing I did do for this last trip is get a fish eye lens and a polarized filter.  I think of the two, the polarized filter was the best camera purchase I’ve made in a long time.  You put that on and the colors just POP!
The fisheye was ideal for shooting Machu Picchu because it allows you to just pack more into your image.  This gives you a much better scope of things, and although there is sometimes a bit of distortion at the edges, it’s totally worth it.  Also you can get cool circular shots of Machu Picchu like this:
A real photographer wouldn’t allow an image to appear with those black areas, but to hell with it, I think it looks cool.  My only complaint is that I wish I could get the full circle (my camera always cuts off the bottom).
The thing about the polarized filter is that it cuts down your light, so I dialed my ISO up to 1600.  Again, I’m sure other photographers would tell you why this is a terrible idea and how you should toggle your aperture and shutter speed instead of messing with ISO, but to hell with it!  ISO is the easier adjustment, and I’m happy with the resultant images so done deal.
The other thing to remember about your polarized filter (or at least mine) is that it spins on the camera (separate from the attachment that screws it on to the camera lens).  This is great because you want to remember to spin your filter to account for whether you’re doing vertical or horizontal shots.  I forgot this half the time though, or stuck the filter on there at 45 so I didn’t have to worry about it.  It all makes for different images.
The hard part about photography is remembering everything you have to do.  Frankly my list is as follows:

  • Remember Camera
  • Remember Extra Batteries for Camera
  • Remember Extra Memory Cards for Camera
I’ve honestly gotten to the top of Machu Picchu only to hear people exclaim, “my BATTERIES just ran out on my CAMERA!”
Don’t let that happen to you.  You might not get the best image in the world, but if you’re charged and you have memory you’ll get SOMETHING (and you’ll be able to blog about it!).

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