Anti Fujimori Propaganda on the Streets of Lima

This is the kind of image you live for when you run a cheap blogger blog about Peru out of the basement of the local abandoned nuclear fallout shelter (you can find those all over the place…man people were paranoid in the 50’s).

You know…when somebody goes to the effort of running a campaign against you and they use a sticker of a giant rat, and they call you a Fuji-Rata, you’re pretty clear on where they stand regarding you.  I mean, this isn’t the type of person that is likely to invite you over for Thanksgiving dinner (and that’s even less probable because they don’t even celebrate Thanksgiving in Peru…I mean, how ridiculous is that!  EVERYBODY celebrates Thanksgiving, why wouldn’t they celebrate it in Peru?  That’s a pretty massive oversight and I keep teasing people about it when I go to Peru, I’ll just randomly run up to people on the street during Thanksgiving and say, “WHY ARE YOU OUT HERE!!!!  WHY AREN’T YOU AT HOME CELEBRATING THANKSGIVING?” in perfect English and they most of the time just stare there looking at me all bewildered and blinking…man, Peru is a funny country).
Anyway, the long and the short of this sordid tale is that Fujimori didn’t end up winning the presidential election, so I guess these signs actually work.  So the next time there is a candidate running for office in your country, you should make up a sign that compare that candidate to a rat.
That’s if you believe in democracy anyway.  Personally I think believing in a democracy is absolute foolishness.  The sooner we get back to feudalistic dictatorships headed by tyrannical overlords the better.  I nominate Owen, Anonymous, and Dean as the triumvirate leaders of Peru…but only after they fought themselves to the death over which one of the three was actually in charge (my money’s on Anonymous…but only because he’s like a seven headed hydra that keeps coming back and back again and again with a new face and personality…but somehow always the same asinine comments [just kidding Anonymous, we all love you here at SOL…the royal “we”]).
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