Anti-Hispanic “Tea Party” Propaganda Really Pisses me Off

For the most part I don’t like to engage in political issues.  Frankly, I think it’s the inherent nature of government to be corrupt and the inherent nature of politicians to be liars and thieves.  This is especially true in the US where everybody likes to act as if they’re above any kind of wrongdoing in their life.  It’s my belief that if American voters could be a little bit more realistic about the truth of the human condition…and accepting of people who AREN’T perfect…there wouldn’t be such a NEED for politicians to lie…but I digress.

However, I’ve been noticing lately that I’ve been bashing conservatives a bit more than usual lately.  Honestly, I’d prefer it if the conservatives did what they claim they stand for and reduced the size of government.  In fact, there are many issues in which I agree with the conservatives.  That being the case, I can’t abide bigotry and racism.  Those things piss me off on a fundamental, primordial level.  I don’t like seeing people abused, and when those people are my FAMILY and my FLESH AND BLOOD I become unreasonable.
I generally like to just let things that offend me pass.  But when stuff pisses me off for six months, then I figure it’s time to act. Such is the case with a certain email that I got from a conservative dipshit on April 29th, 2010 at 10:32 PM.
This email was a forwarded piece of hate mail about how all Hispanics are “drug dealers.”  The person who sent it to me is a guy who brags about how Rush Limbaugh is “too liberal” for him.  And you know what?  I personally don’t care what his fucking political beliefs are.  There is a time and a place for being conservative. However, MY WIFE AND MY DAUGHTER ARE OF LATIN DESCENT.  If somebody sends me bullshit email propaganda about Hispanics, I’m going to get VERY PISSED OFF.
Here’s a couple lines of text from the email:

“and some people think folks like this should be able to just waltz across the border into OUR country uninvited.  We are not “cool” with that!!!!

There are 28 photos included, each one with a caption.  You can tell how educated the person who put together this email collage was by the fact that they put an unnecessary apostrophe in “photos.”  Each one of the captions is something negative about Mexicans or Hispanics.
Now, it should be noted that not ALL Americans are racist dipshits who propagate hate mail like this.  However, it should also be known that this kind of crap is out there.  The chilling thing is that the person who sent me this happens to be a federal officer.  I mean, isn’t it scary to think that a person with a gun and a badge sits around at home and gets himself all worked up over ridiculous emails that stem from who knows where?  Shouldn’t a person who carries a gun and a badge have to hold him or herself to a higher and more tolerant level of personal conduct?
I think so.
Honestly, it’s been my experience that Hispanics work a lot harder than most other people I’ve ever met.  I find it rather amusing that while most Americans are pissing and moaning about the “recession,” Hispanics who are in America always find employment.  This is probably because most of these dipshit, bitching Americans are overeducated and feel they’re “too good” to accept the minimum wage jobs that are out there in abundance.  I believe most people who are in the US illegally are just trying to get by and make a living for themselves.  To paint them all as “drug dealers” is obscene.  Sure, it’s not right that they’re here, but it’s also not right to dehumanize them through propaganda.
I realize that border control is a major issue in the US, but people just aren’t being realistic in how they look at it.  This rallying cry to deport all illegals in the US would incur a TREMENDOUS COST!  What do you think…you can track down these people and send them home for FREE?  Yet when you propose more economical solutions, people dig in their heels on the grounds of some absurd, moralistic platform.
It should also be noted that just because there are people living in this country illegally, it doesn’t give ANYBODY the right to send out racial-profiling hate propaganda.  My wife and my child are in the US 100% legally.  But what’s going to happen if they run into some racist asshole with a gun and badge who has worked himself into a frenzy over a bunch of bullshit emails he’s been studying and memorizing all night?
People in the US need to just CALM THE FUCK DOWN and figure out a REASONABLE rather than EMOTIONAL solution to the issue! 
Honestly, I’m in agreement that it’s not right that people living in foreign countries illegally should be able to get along without paying taxes, get social security, etc.  However, that is a pretty minor crime compared to what some of these “Hate-Mail” people are proposing.  You can NEVER forget about human rights.  One of the reasons that America is GREAT is that even people who have been accused of something HEINOUS are STILL treated like human beings.
And you know why that’s so important?
Because sometimes the people that are accused of performing terrible deeds, turn out to be completely innocent.
So, yes, if you send me anti-Hispanic propaganda you’ve just made an enemy of me for life.
The number one rule in this world is to treat people humanely.  Don’t forget it, or you’ll become part of the problem.
(I’m not going to include any more photos from that bullshit email I received.  I’m usually opposed to burning things…but I would in this case…what a load of crap).
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  1. Anonymous

    Hispanics in America do not "always" find employment. Many Hispanics have returned to their home countries because they cannot find work. I know plenty of "educated" Americans who have taken lower wage jobs because they do not want to collect unemployment…plenty of "Whites" are equally as hardworking as Hispanics. Unfortunately, Congress has made it too easy for many people to forego lower wage jobs by continuing unemployment benefits and thereby creating a tremendous disincentive.

  2. Anonymous

    Great post. I get that it is personal for you. As Hispanic continue to outpace anglo birthrates and Latinos make up an increasingly high percentage of the population, i think the blow back is going to get more and more intense over the next 20-30 years. I hope not, but i am not optimistic.

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