Any Idea What this Building Is?

Again, this another off topic post, but I was just going through some old photo archives from one of my trips to Europe and I found this picture. I remember that I was in Madrid when I took it, but I don’t remember what the name of this building was.

This was the second to the last day of a fairly memorable month in Europe. I’d given myself a couple days in Madrid all by myself after visiting friends in Germany to just chill out and reflect. I’d gotten a round-trip ticket from Lima to Madrid for about 450$, with Air Madrid I think…an airline that has subsequently gone out of business for failure to properly maintain their aircraft.

Anyway, at the end of my trip, exhausted and penniless, I just wandered around Madrid for a day and a half. I even went over to the art museum, but I didn’t want to pay the 40 or something Euro entry fee…can you believe that? Sigh…that’s just the mindset you have to be in when you’re backpacking on a budget…but it seems crazy now. I was a lot more content to just ride the subway around for 1 Euro each trip (a bargain).

So, I had a look at Madrid and this building, then I slept in a 15 Euro hotel and found myself back at the airport the next day.

So that brings me back to my initial question. What’s the name of this building?

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  1. S.

    It's called George. Jorge in Spanish.

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