Astrid Y Gaston Ranked World’s 14th Best Restaurant

Everybody was so excited about the new ranking for Astrid Y Gaston that they threw a parade
I’m a little slow off the draw on this news, but I recently saw that Astrid Y Gaston was ranked the 14th best restaurant in the world. That’s pretty good when you consider it probably got shafted about 4 or 5 places just for not being located in France (food snobs everywhere are furious over that comment…but it’s true). 
I’ve written about Astrid Y Gaston many times on this site, and it’s one of those places in Peru I try to go to every time I’m down there. The really great thing about it is how inexpensive it is. Seriously, it costs just about as much to go to Applebee’s as it does to go to Astrid Y Gaston, and Applebee’s isn’t the 14th best restaurant in the world.
I wonder if this new ranking is going to cause old Gaston to raise up his prices. I hope not, but even so, I’ll still go there probably. It’s fun having that kind of quality food once a year or so. Makes you feel like you’re big time.
Actually, if you can’t get a table, just swing by for the Pisco drinks, I think the bar is always open…although that might have changed as well.
Sigh…Peru was better when it was my little secret, I’m going to have to stop giving away so much free information! Of course, the only reason Astrid Y Gaston got ranked so high was probably because it was so prominently featured on Streets of Lima (the 14th ranked blog in the world).

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