Back in Lima!

Well, here’s my first post after getting off the plane and being able to enjoy a nice, sunny day in Lima!  The above picture is something I found on my computer, and I think I used it before…but oh well.  It’s kind of a funny image–not the safest sidewalk in all of Jose Pardo (this actually used to be within a couple blocks of my home, but I haven’t seen it yet this year, so maybe it got fixed).
I was kind of surprised that my old Gateway computer fired up.  I’ll be using that for the next couple weeks.  It had been down in storage, and although I had it in a computer bag and in a sealed plastic packaging container, I think some moisture got in.  The keys had kind of a tactile grip that hadn’t been there before…this feeling is typical on your stuff in Lima if you store it away for a period of various months.
This old Gateway has always been a piece of junk, so I’m waiting for it to utterly blitz out on me in a cloud of white smoke.  I tried downloading my new photos to it, but I don’t think the card reader can handle a 16 GB memory card.  I stuck it in there, but the card just doesn’t appear when you click the computer icon.
It is great to be back in Lima though!  After visiting with my wife’s family, I was able to meet up with some friends for a game of poker at Los Incas.  There is something very relaxing about just chillin’ with your buds, tossing back a couple Pilsen Callaos, and checking out cards every few minutes.  Even better is that I came out ahead for the night, which is always a trick when playing cards.
I’ve already got a plethora of new photos to show.  Actually, I took about 250 shots just during the trip down here (most of them are of my little girl being her cute little self).  I’ll download them when I can be bothered to walk upstairs and grab the cable for my camera (little things like that can be a total pain in the ass…but you know how it is).
In 10 days, I’ll be sitting in Cusco getting ready to hike the Inca trail once again, and in anticipation, I’d like to get my butt in shape by running the hill on the Malecon de la Marina.  I’m writing this at 4:51 AM because I couldn’t fall asleep.  We’ll see if I can hold out a couple more hours so I can go and get my run in (probably not…I’m guessing I’ll just collapse).
Anyway, I’ll have a whole bunch of fresh new photos for you all in the next couple days!  Stay tuned!
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