Barack Obama Welcomes Guests to the Atton Hotel in Lima

Sometimes these articles write themselves.
A friend of mine was returning to Peru from London the other day when he was surprised to see this advertisement for the Atton hotel where it appears none other than US President Barack Obama has been photographed giving his endorsement.
I don’t know about you, but when a luxury hotel is able to offer sitting US presidents as the doorman…I think that indicates a pretty high level of quality.
Although…we all know that political leaders are far from the most powerful people in the world (the most powerful would be the lobbyists who buy and sell all the elections and make the concept of democracy totally irrelevant).
I’m sure there would be plenty of “big shot” rich dudes who would be totally psyched to stay at a hotel that was staffed by the world’s leaders.  I’m sure the thought of having some elected official be responsible for scraping the morning skid mark off the porcelain bowl in the morning would be enough to give a chub to many of the world’s so called “elite.”
Of course…it’s all a big metaphor since the world’s political leaders pretty much do that anyway.
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