Bathrooms and Lost Children

This is a shot of the crowd at Lima’s “Corso de Wong” that I took on the last day of my last trip to Lima. The big yellow sign has an arrow that points to where the “Bathrooms” are, and another arrow that points to where “lost children” are.

Perhaps you can tell by the photo, but the streets were absolutely insane. There were so many people that you literally couldn’t move, and instead you were just pushed along by the crowd. I could see how people could lose their children in a situation like that, and you can see in the photo how people were carrying their children on their shoulders.

Of course, a random sign saying “lost children” is a totally ineffectual tactic for reuniting parents with their kids should they get separated. Then again, I suppose it’s a necessary sign to put up. Whether or not the children can see the sign or comprehend it is one thing…another thing is whether or not they could sufficiently move against the crowd and go to the designated “lost children” gathering point is another. But I suppose that even though it’s a long shot, you might as well put up the sign.

What I find baffling is the fact that the “lost children” area was on the other side of the street.  Why didn’t they put it next to the bathrooms (which actually was a pretty clear, open area that the kids had a chance of getting to)?

I suppose this kind of thing isn’t as big a worry today as it has been in the past. Most kids probably run around with cell phones in their pockets, so they can just call mommy if they get separated. Still, I shudder to think of losing either one of my children in a crowd like this. That’s the kind of pain that I don’t want to think about, but when you become a parent, you give up the luxury of coming up with contingency plans for scenarios like this.

Actually,the whole point is that you should probably make sure your child is always carrying a card with your phone number on it so they can give it to a policeman and have a prayer of getting home safe should you get separated. This isn’t necessary on a day to day basis, but if you’re going to Disney World or something…why not?

But most people are more worried about remembering to pack up their toothbrush than remembering to give their children important, life-saving advice.

Don’t neglect your frickin’ kids. How’s that for a New Year’s Resolution? (the only problem is that the people who should be making a resolution like that have their heads too far up their ass to know it).

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