Beer on Wayna Picchu

So here I am enjoying a Cusquena about 3/4ths of the way up Wayna Picchu (or Huayna Picchu as some people spell it). I have to say, this is a magnificent photo and Cusquena should consider using it in some kind of advertising campaign. Actually, come to think of it, I’m going to send them an e/mail with a low resolution version of this image attached and see if they pay me four or five thousand dollars to be their official representative (although that would mean that I’d have to stop drinking the superior, but lesser known, Pilsen).

But just consider this image for a moment. They obviously don’t SELL Cusquena up there on Wayna Picchu, so how do you think I got it there? That’s right, I CARRIED it all the way up from Aguas Calientes (we didn’t take the too expensive buses, you don’t have to on the second day if you follow my itinerary…seriously you should read that article). And I didn’t carry just ONE cusquena, I carried a whole frickin’ 6 pack.

You know, this reminds me, the next time I go up there, I need a picture of myself drinking a beer in a packers jersey…normally I would have said a Favre jersey, but with the dink flirting with the Vikings, I won’t be able to stomach that for a few years.

Anyway, as you can guess, it’s frickin’ heavy to carry a whole 6 pack that distance, but it’s worth it and the reason it’s worth it is that you need the CALORIES when you get up there. Contrary to popular belief, beer is a great energy drink. You could probably hike the whole Inca trail on beer power (I’m willing to try it anyway).

Writing all this makes me laugh at the people who are probably sitting at home saying to themselves, “oh, that’s so disrespectful to bring a beer up there to Machu Picchu.” Well, those people can just sit on my finger, because they obviously don’t know anything about the Peruvian culture. In Peru, it’s OK to drink beer. People see you with a beer in your hand and they don’t start whispering behind their hand like a vengeful nun, no, they’re POLITE and they say nice pleasant things like “Salud!” (it was a bunch of friars who invented beer remember, so it’s like the frickin’ communion). Yup, that’s me taking communion on Wayna Picchu!
Just pack out your cans!

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