Big, Floating, Hairy Head

Here’s another image from last weekend’s Corso de Wong, the big parade through the center of Miraflores to celebrate independence day two months after indepenence day…I love Lima.

Just look at this frickin’ thing! I mean, somebody took the time to make this huge floating head and somewhere during the planning they thought to themself:

“Should I give it a scary expression?….Nawwwww!”

“Should I give it a furious expression?….Nawwwww!”

“Should I give it an awesome expression?….Nawwwww!”

“Should I give it a BORED/SLEEPY expression?…YESSSSSS!”

I mean, this thing is so CONVINCINGLY bored and sleepy that this had to have been the objective from the EARLIEST stages of construction. Make no mistake, this is EXACTLY how somebody wanted this to look.

I suppose it’s this same guy’s sick sense of humor to think this lacadasical float would be carried by 15 exhausted children through 5 kilometers of winding Limenan streets! I suppose it is kind of funny that such an extraordinary amount of labor went into carrying this thing around, only to have it look like it couldn’t care less that it was the center of attention…I mean, I haven’t seen such boredom from an attention whore since the last J-Lo movie premier (or U2 concert).

Anyway, that’s what this guy got me thinking. I also think that someday, when I die, I want a headstone carved from granite that looks exactly like this and is exactly this size, and on a little collar around its neck there will be a tiny copper plate that says, here lies Ben Jonjak…Don’t worry about it.


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  1. Florian

    That clearly is the Ben-on-the-toilet facial expression!

  2. 09/28/2016

    LOL! that picture is funny
    there are a lot of "beings" that have their faces like this one


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