Billboards, Buildings, and Abandoned Sheds

There’s a lot of blue in this photo, which is probably why I took it.  I think that little shed in the foreground is kind of funny as compared to the nice building in the background.  “Republica Panama 495” it declares proudly on the side, then there are three arrows all pointing in different directions.  I wonder what the hell is going on there.

The building wants you to live there because “if you’re closer to your work, you have more time for yourself” (paraphrase of the translation of the advertisement).  I suppose that’s true…but what do you think an apartment in that building costs?

I’m not exactly sure what district this is, it could be on a corner point between Surco, Barranco and Miraflores…but I’m not exactly sure which of those three this particular spot falls into.  My guess is probably Surco.

Anyway, if I had to choose, I’d take Republica de Panama 495.  That place looks like a bunker.
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