Blogger Intends to Cycle Through Peru

I get some pretty interesting random emails. Here was one from a guy named Johannes who is planning a cycle tour throughout Peru. 

I am scanning Internet to find useful information about cycling in Peru, Brasil and Venezuela. I coming to flashy fancy tourist and travel agent pages that sell group cycling. Sometimes some cycling coming from north to Lima on there way to Chile or Nasca valley to Cusco from Lima. 
Your page has a more personal approach and without reading all of it you seems to be a man with extensive knowledge and experience from Peru and Lima. 
Give me two-three advice for a single cyclist going trough the Andes to Cusco and down to Amazons. 
From Lima I go to La Oroya, Ayacusho, kimbiri, Sante terese (machu Piscu) Quillabamba and Cusco. 

I am leaving Lima on 25 of August and will be in Caraccas 12 weeks later. 

My response: 
Hello Johannes,
Sounds like a fun trip, you’ll have to send me some pictures along the way.
I think the big danger will be road traffic since they drive kind of fast in Peru and are inattentive drivers. 
Terrorism is present in Peru, but it’s not a huge problem currently. I think you’ll be OK. There was an incident recently of some US travelers who were attacked by some natives. You can read about that here.
I think that in this case the tourists were in the wrong place at the wrong time. If you are respectful of the provincial people, you shouldn’t have any problem (I’ve never had any problem).
It would be good to know Spanish.
There’s a lot of pollution at La Oroya, and Cusco is at 11,000 ft of elevation, so those things might be problematic. I assume you’ll be going along the grand central highway, find a picture here.
I have more pictures which I can publish later.
I don’t know if you’ll find many camping sites, but there will be towns with fairly inexpensive hotels. I’d bring a tent just for emergencies, but mostly you can sleep in hotels for less than $10 a night.
I think if you stay out of sight in the evening (easy enough on a bike), and stay in hotels when you can, you’ll be OK. My number 1 concern for you is traffic on some of the mountain roads.
Hope this is helpful
He went on to ask me about the water quality, and I suggested he drink bottled water, he countered with the idea of drinking beer (which is the right choice obviously).
He said he’ll be posting stories about his journey on his web page here, so that might be worth keeping an eye on. I’d like to do a trip like this someday.

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