Blood on the Streets of Miraflores

by Rodney L Dodig

One thing about walking the streets of Lima is that you never know what you are going to run across. It could be Cows in a park, a parade, an impromptu jazzercise class or pools of blood on the sidewalk. When I come across these; I always wonder why, what happened here, how seriously was the person hurt? Usually the splotches of blood are found on the sidewalk in front of a bar so the answer is obvious, at least to me. The one in this particular picture was in the middle of a block with no bars in sight. I am fairly sure I found the reason for this massive pool of blood about ½ block later. There lying propped up against the wall was a rather indigent looking man, passed out from what appeared to be a very drunken evening from the various bottles strewn about him. One of his arms was exposed and there on the forearm was a gash at least 6 inches long that had recently been stitched up. Clotted blood was all over his arm and shirt sleeve but at this particular moment he obviously wasn’t feeling any pain. What happened here? What set of circumstances caused this man to get his arm cut like that?

In the past I bartended for many years and have seen my share of bar brawls. They are usually caused by one or more drunken IDIOTS who have lost any semblance of humanity. So my thought on this particular man was that he was drinking with a buddy or buddies, they got into an argument and his friend or friends cut him in the ensuing argument. The man was obviously taken to a hospital or emergency room, had his wound sutured and then he opted to return to this spot to continue his drinking binge. In all probability he also returned with revenge in mind in case his “friend” or assailant was still there. I am guessing that he/they were long gone since there wasn’t another pool of blood in sight.

All this brings me to my point, BE CAREFUL WHO YOU GET DRUNK WITH! I have seen people’s personality totally change when they have had too much to drink and most, not for the better. When I go out for a few, I like to have a good time. I do not consider violence in any way, shape or form a good time. Who knows what set the people above off in the direction they went. When people are stupidly drunk, reason and intelligence leave the room. So pay attention to your drunken buddies by showing up at the bar or a party late and sober, after they have had too much. It can be an enlightening experience. Then decide who you really want to get snockered with.

I want to note that this particular brand of stupidity is not limited to Lima or even a large city. I’ve seen it everywhere I have traveled to in the world, including the small town I come from in the Midwest of the USA. So be careful, be alert and stay in control before it becomes “your blood on the street.”

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  1. Rodney


    This photo was actually taken a few blocks from your apartment on Berlin Street. Putting Barranco in the title might be a little misleading. 🙂 Hope you and Zulma are still having a blast. Not too long before I am back in the US also.

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