Blow with Johnny Depp is “Inhala” on Pirated Blu-Rays

That right there is a definitive “Streets of Lima” photo. First of all, you have a horrible translation of an American film.  In this case, the film in question is “Blow,” which, in the case of this title, is meant in the sense of slang for “cocaine.”  So really, “Cocaina,” would have been a good enough translation, or, if they wanted to be really good, they could have used the Spanish slang for Cocaine (I’m sure there are a million of them…”Pasta” would work).  Actually, if they were trying to be funny, they could have called the movie “Chupar” and I along with 4 out of 6 other bi-lingual people would have fallen down laughing (the other two would have been missionaries who would have stood around with dumb looks on their face because either A. they were young enough so that they legitimately didn’t get it or B. they were old enough that they wanted to pretend they didn’t get it).

But no, they went with “Inhale” which, although works in a kind of brute force way, it really does mean the exact opposite of BLOW!
All of this should kind of go to illustrate the inherent problems with translation.
“Blow” is actually a pretty decent movie, although I would say it’s a couple levels shy of a great movie.  There’s some deal where the director died young.  Kind of too bad, he might have made something worthwhile further down the line.  Oh, in my minimal research on Wikipedia I just found out that he was a fan of the Green Bay Packers, so “Blow” just went up from being just a “decent” movie to a masterpiece in my opinion.
But as always, I’m digressing, the other key point to this video image is that they spell Johnny Depp’s name “Johnyy Depp.”  (I’ll pause for a moment while you scroll back to the top of the page to check that).  If you needed no other proof that this video was pirated as all hell (as if the fact that it only cost you $1 wasn’t enough), then there you have it.
You know, I was in Peru when the “unpirateable” Blu-rays initially came out, and yes…they did throw the Peruvian DVD pirating business into a tailspin for a while.  It took…oh, I don’t know…about six months, before pirated Blu-rays came on the market.  I always think stuff like that is funny, because on the one hand you have extremely rich people with limitless resources and ivy league educations working tirelessly to construct a code nobody can crack, and within six months a bunch of impoverished people with little or no education not only crack it, they also grind it up into powder.
Just goes to show that education and wealth have nothing to do with intelligence.  Human beings are damn clever, the only reason they don’t try harder at “legitimate” endeavors is because they know that game is rigged and they can never win.
Anyway, enjoy your viewing of “Chupar,” I know I will (I’ll get that missionary to laugh before this article is over).
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