Blue Man On Calle Larco, Lima, Peru

So I was innocently walking along with my friend Tim down Calle Larco and we came across this Blue man. It’s kind of hard to tell from the above photo, but this guy was head to toe frickin’ blue. Sure, I wanted to slow down and get a good photo of him, but seriously, when you see a frickin’ BLUE man walking around the streets, you don’t go up to him and ask if he’ll pose for a picture.

Just consider for a moment how bizarre this is? How did the guy become blue? What the hell is going on? Did he paint/die himself? Is this a disease? Is he some mythical beast trapped in our dimension (I’m tend to find myself inclining towards this explanation as the most plausible).

See, this is just the kind of shit that’s always going on all the time in Lima. As you can see from my Walkers or Satyrs articles…this place is way wierder than Narnia or Hogwarts…mainly due to the fact that it ACTUALLY EXISTS IN THE REAL WORLD AND THIS SHIT IS GOING ON!

Fortunately I came across the Blue man at about noon so I was completely sober, but imagine if I had seen this guy digging through a garbage can (kind of appropriate that) at 2 in the morning or something while I was drunk and stumbling home…that would have FREAKED ME OUT! I would have been ready for him to teleport like nightcrawler or something, you never know what those freaky wierd street people are capable of.

But the fact that I saw him at like noon made things surreal in their own way as well. Everybody was just giving this guy a wide birth like we didn’t want to acknowledge that he existed. It seemed sort of dangerous to make eye contact with him, and I was just sort of swinging my camera around casually when I took his picture so as not to provoke his ire (these damn cellphone cameras should take silent pictures so that the “ker-chink” camera noise they make doesn’t alert the potentially psyco blue guy you’re attempting to catalogue and record forever…I’m going to sue Blackberry if I ever get mauled and gored by one of them).

The question remains…how did this guy get blue? If it was a conscious choice on his part, where did he get the dye? I mean, a guy who is digging around in garbage cans for food probably doesn’t have the money required to go and buy expensive dye to dye himself. Tim suggested the possibility that he might have been digging around in some barrels behind an ink factory…and although that’s plausible I guess, it still seems fairly unlikely (I doubt there is much food to be found near the barrels of discarded ink behind an ink factory…wait a minute! Do you think there even ARE ink factorys? And why would they have their ink outside in barrels? Shouldn’t they be injecting their ink into pens with giant syringes?).

I suppose we could have asked him, but I wasn’t getting close to that guy, and the second you probably did try to get close he would have just vanished into a cloud of a little bit too thick smoke accompanied by a loud popping noise (that wouldn’t have surprised me).

So anyway, that’s just more craziness from the Streets of Lima for you. People wouldn’t even believe this story probably if I didn’t have the photo.

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  1. Anonymous

    Methemoglobinemia may have been the cause(wiki it), aparently the most famous cases come from the hills of Kentucky, like a lot of other weird shit. There was a famous family called the "blue" Fugates that were the carriers yet from my cursory and shitty understanding of Methemoglobinemia it can also be acquired. However clydesickle also brings up another example of where acquiring blue skin can happen from a completely different pathology. I'll leave it to you to do the research.

  2. Rodney

    I have actually seen this guy myself so I can vouch for Ben's tale. In the US you see this stuff all the time at ammerican football games but Lima? Maybe he was an avid Soccer fan.

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