Boating the Amazon

There…doesn’t that look nice? And the best thing about this image is that you’re probably out of cell phone range!  Gosh, it’s getting to be a battle just to get someplace where no idiots can hassle you for five minutes.
It seems like once a year or so, I make a concerted effort to get away from the internet for a solid week, which is ridiculous when you think about it.  Why is it so hard to escape the internet for a week?  Well, half the problem is that the internet is EVERYWHERE from your computer to your cell phone to the damn electronic voice in your car.
The other problem is that in a moment of down time, I just can’t help myself but start wasting my time on the internet.  Days of quiet reflection have just disappeared, and frankly, that’s a little scary.  I haven’t thought about it before, but I just don’t THINK the way I used to think.  It’s almost like with the prevalence of the internet, you’re in a state of constant distraction where the internet thinks for you.
Now I’m not saying we should ban the internet or anything like that.  The darn thing is useful and it acts like an electronic, symbiotic brain.  Hell, look at Streets of Lima, in my old age I’m sure this will act as a scrapbook to fill in the gaps of my feeble memory (as if I’ll still give a shit about anything when I’m an old man…who knows).  It’s just that there are certain ways of thinking that are already pretty much lost.
Take books for example, you just can’t write the 1,500 page books that people used to sit down and occupy themselves with.  That’s kind of a shame.  10 years ago I would have said writing a 1,500 page book was just self-indulgent, but now I can’t help but feel bad that people don’t do it anymore.  Then again, a blog that writes a post a day for 5 years is the equivalent word length of a 1,500 page novel…so there you go.  I guess readers are more directly involved in the process these days, a little closer to the action in a way.
Anyway, getting onto the Amazon and having some dude paddle you around in the local equivalent of a taxi is a good way to escape technological brain suck for a while.  I’m thinking Dean might retire down there…although then he wouldn’t be able to post his thoughts on Streets of Lima.
Somehow, I think Dean would still find away, but that’s just my opinion and I could be wrong…
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