Lima is not the best city in the world for a hamburger, but so far, the best hamburger that I’ve found is that of Bohemia. Sure, it’s not the greatest burger in the world, but when you’re in Peru and you need a quick hamburger fix, they put enough bacon and sauce on it so that you can scarf the thing down and feel like you’ve actually eaten a burger.

Here’s a look at the bad boy, and it’s only about S/. 25:

Yup, they put a whole damn egg on it as well as fries and you can even ask for it medium and they’ll bring it to you bloody raw. Honestly, Bohemia is the only restaurant that makes me actually crave their burgers. They’re good man! And the atmosphere of the place is pretty nice too:

Bohemia is right across the street from Cineplanet Alcazar which I wrote about a day or two ago (it’s a good thing). Less fortunate is that it’s right across the street from Starbucks which makes me want to barf (mainly because I’m not a communist who likes non sustainable enterprises like that crappy logo driven sludge factory…go here instead).
Bohemia is on the Ovalo de Gutierrez, which is where I spend most of my time. Go there…go now!

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