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President Trump announced he would proceed with his catastrophically idiotic border wall proposal. However, now the wall will be funded with taxpayer money and Trump will try to recuperate the costs from Mexico, “later.”

Good luck with that.

As we speak, congress is looking for ways to get the money to fund the wall. The idea of taxing multi-billionaires is out of the question of course, so they’re doing things like cutting health care benefits to private citizens and members of the military. They wanted to stop little kids from getting free milk, but Reagan already took care of that back when he was making America Great in the 80s.

Socialism tends to be a dirty word in US politics, but it seems that if taxpayers are paying for the wall it then is an act of Socialism. I guess the big difference between the wall idea and regular Socialism is that with typical Socialist projects, there is some resultant benefit to the general populace.

You know, like farm subsidies.

Or institutions of public education.

Or roads…

Our highways and bridges are in need of repair. I wonder if there will be any concrete left over to fix our interstate system after the wall is built?

Also, I’m curious, will the people working on the wall be eligible for health care benefits? Actually, building that thing is going to take pretty much all of the US population so that would be a way to keep Trump voters alive until the next election (now that their ACA benefits are decimated). That would be in The Donald’s favor right? He doesn’t want all the people who voted for him dying because of pre-existing conditions. Or does he care?

Will the wall-builders be paid minimum wage?

Will Donald try to cut costs by hiring cheap international labor?

Shouldn’t he be creating jobs for Americans? Well, I guess Mexico is in America too.

Perhaps we could make the Southern side of the wall out of solar panels? The Southern border of the US is the perfect place for a solar farm/border wall. The wall might as well serve some purpose, after all, it’s not going to keep immigrants out. Most immigrants come in through airports, not over the border. Also, a wall can be defeated with a tunnel or a ladder and a rope. Just ask the residents of East Berlin or China or France how effective their respective walls were.

I like this solar panel idea though. Maybe that wall could help power the whole US!

Or maybe our current government doesn’t consider something to be Socialist if it doesn’t result in anything useful. If that’s the case, the result would be almost the same if they just stacked the money in a pile to burn. That would heat America too…at least for a little while.

But if they burned the money, the tax-payer dollars wouldn’t wind up in the hands of Trump’s builder friends now would they? I also doubt Trump is invested in Solar energy, so that’s why we won’t even get a solar powered South face. Then again, keep your eye on what Trump invests in over the next few months. Normally a President isn’t allowed to make investments, but Trump doesn’t care for those rules. If we only could look at his tax returns we could easily predict what stocks are about to shoot up. Oh well. Remember that Nixon didn’t release his tax returns either.

But back to the “border security” idea, shouldn’t we consider walling off the oceans as well? A fence on one side of a property isn’t a very effective containment. Ask a farmer.

With proposals like this in the pipe for our taxpayer dollars, I’m inclined to stop paying taxes.

Trump says not paying taxes makes you smart, and people keep telling me he’s our President and I need to give him a chance. Should I do what Trump does, or is he more of a “do as I say not as I do” type of leader? Time will tell. Oh, and if anyone is offended by this article, just let me know and I’ll tweet an alternative fact about writing it tomorrow morning at 3 AM.

Oh, and there’s no petition, I never really said there was.

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