Boring Peruvian Museum

If somebody is showing you around Peru (Cheap Tickets) and they something like, “we have to go to this awesome museum” and then they drive you up so that you’re sitting in the car outside the building in the above image…you should throw yourself down into the pit of Javier Prado and grab the first combi that either stops or runs you over.

Yeah…I went to that museum and it’s BORING!
And I’m the type of guy who likes museums.
Actually, the coolest thing about this museum is the architecture of the building (if you can believe that).  I can’t really REMEMBER it well enough to describe it or anything like that.  But I do have a couple vague impressions of being excited to reach various staircases because they were the only interesting thing on each floor.
The problem with this place was that there wasn’t any gold in it, nor were there any ancient weapons or anything cool like that.  For those you have to go to the Gold museum.  However, in all honesty, the gold at the gold museum isn’t all that spectacular.  The best part of the gold museum was the ancient weapons that they had in the other wing.  But I think they moved the gold from the gold museum to Larco Mar, so now nobody goes and looks at all those ancient weapons in the site formerly known as the Gold museum.
I’m not sure what the deal was with that place, but they had all these samurai swords and suits of armor and stuff…from all different cultures…which we presumed had been given to the Peruvian heads of state as ceremonial gifts or whatever.  Everything was a gift except for all the SS daggers and guns that, we realized with a chill, had been brought to Peru by German soldiers escaping their failed war effort.
So go and check out the site of the old gold museum in Peru (American Airlines Flights)…and stay away from this looming monstrosity on the shores of Javier Prado.

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