Botanical Billboards on the Via Expressa

One thing that Peru does that I really like and which I’ve never seen anywhere else that I’ve travelled, is that they put up these Botanical Billboards on the main highway through the center of town. Above you see an ad for Vainsa (a bathroom fixture company) which is made out of planting several different colors of flowers.

Isn’t that a great idea? Instead of nasty billboards that get all dirty and are a horrible eyesore, you get these nice garden areas? Plus, don’t you think it’s nice that some people have the job of tending these advertisements? I mean, it’s GOT to be better to dig around in some plants with the feel of the earth between your fingers than to be dangling off a rope somewhere connected to some steel billboard.

Well I guess it probably does suck to have to work right next to the highway all day, but still. things can always be worse.

Here’s another picture:

I took these pictures from my speeding taxi on the way home from teaching an English class (hence the mediocre quality that you’ve come to expect from “Streets of Lima”). This next picture is a little better:

So, if any of you know of places in the US where they do Botanical Billboards let me know, and if they don’t do them anywhere, maybe we should start a petition. There’s all kinds of organizations that claim to give a crap about the environment, but once it actually rolls around to actually DOING something, everybody clams up real quick. Personally, I’ve decided to just take the easy way out and tell everybody that I’m AGAINST the environment…
Sheesh…that whole, “I’m for the environment” thing is so ridiculous anyway…like there’s ANYBODY who isn’t FOR the environment when you come right down to it.
“Yeah..I’m against having breathable air and potable water, I just don’t believe in that…”
Maybe it’s just a matter of putting everything like this into terms we can agree on.
“Do you believe in continuing to live?”
“Hoorayyyy!!!! World Peace has been achieved!”

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