Brisas del Titicaca

There is a show in the center of Lima (or near the center of Lima) called Brisas del Titicaca.  At Brisas, a bunch of men and women get up and dance in some festive and sometimes traditional outfits like those worn by the two women in the above photo (the guy is my friend Tim’s brother…who’d just come down for a visit and some photos).

My buddy Sam invited me to Brisas once a couple years back and it was a pretty fun event.  I can’t remember what the entry fee was, but I think it was less than S/. 50 (it might have even been in the S/. 20 range), so that puts it at less than $20.  You go in and sit in this big hall and eat and drink (food is extra) while the dancers go through a series of dances.  I remember being dragged out to the dance floor between dances myself, so I think there is a little rest period between each mini show.
It really was worth the money…whatever it was that it cost.  Heck, if you’re in Peru, you’re on VACATION, so go ahead and spend $20!
The funny thing about Brisas is that I used to work at a school and apparently a couple Brisas girls showed up at the director’s office and claimed he’d had sex with them.  It turned into some major scandal (not within the news or anything because those types of scandals happen all the time…but within the school it was a big deal).  Anyway, I guess he eventually paid those girls off so “appropriateness” was restored.
Man, life is AWESOME when people aren’t so serious about everything all the time.

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