Business Meetings are a Waste of Time

How about this nice little piece of corporate art? You can find this at the intersection of Commandante Espinar and Jose Pardo. What is it? Beats me. I think it’s a sculpture that was designed after a lengthy business meeting.

Folks is it just me, or has EVERY SINGLE business meeting you’ve ever attended in your whole life been a complete and utter waste of time?  Sure, occasionally some important piece of information gets conveyed, but that’s only after wasting hours and hours of time you could have much more efficiently used on something I like to call…ACTUAL WORK!
I think it has been my experience with business meetings that has shaped a lot of my perspective on the wealthy people vs. non-wealthy people issues of the world.  For the most part non-wealthy people don’t get to sit around in business meetings because THEY”RE TOO BUSY WORKING!!!
When I was editor of the ACAP magazine I had to sit down to a totally worthless meeting once a month or so which used to really get under my skin.  All it usually entailed was people mentioning issues and then proposing a ridiculous solution or two (actually most of the time they didn’t propose solutions, I think they felt their contribution was over just by pointing out problems [whether those problems were real or not is a whole different issue]).
A parallel situation that I think is useful to consider is something I read in one of Feynman’s books.  He mentioned how sometimes guys would get super big in their academic field (like Biology let’s say) and decide that since they were geniuses at Biology, they’d jump in and study Physics for a while.  Of course, right off the bat, they’d come up with all kinds of “brilliant” ideas, only to be laughed at when they proposed them because they were just the sort of asinine crap that everybody first comes up with after studying Physics for two seconds.
The parallel is that when it’s YOUR job to do something, and you are the one that does the majority of the work on it for several months, it’s annoying as hell for some overpaid blowhard to slink into a room and point out a bunch of “flaws” in your thinking that you addressed and fixed weeks ago.
The problem is, most of us are the low man on the totem pole when it comes to business meetings, so we have to endure the asinine ideas of our “superiors” all why contemplating a way to actually be productive while not overtly showing that you willfully ignored everything your idiot boss just suggested.
I don’t know about you, but I’m genuinely inclined to do some actual work each day, so it irritates me when I have to take a brake from my labors and bring some pompous moron up to speed about what I’m doing, just so I have to endure some useless “constructive criticism.”
Speaking of that, my opinion on constructive criticism is that you shouldn’t have to be forced to listen to any unless you’re given a turn afterwards to offer some of your own.  Everybody thinks they’re doing you this huge favor by pointing out your flaws, but they get so mad when you turn around and say, “well, actually, all these problems would disappear if you’d concentrate on doing YOUR job competently…instead of wasting everyone’s time in a bunch of ego stroking bullshit meetings.”
Funny how quickly a comment like that gets you shown the door.  Maybe I should call a meeting together and see if anyone has a suggestion for a resolution.  Anyone?
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