Cartoon Celebrates Drunk Driving

This cartoon cracked me up because I couldn’t help but imagine the scandal if such a thing were to run in the US. For those of you who don’t read Spanish, the dialogue bubbles say:

  • Does it bother you if I smoke a cigarette and drink a beer?
  • In this taxi it is totally and strictly prohibited to smoke or drink…
  • …unless you offer some to the driver
It’s actually pretty funny, but just imagine that cartoon in “holier than thou” America. It would be a total nuclear reaction. People would be foaming at the mouth, sending in angry letters and marching in the streets while burning copies of the offending newspaper. You’d have teary interviews with testimonials from inconsolable mothers who had lost their children to drunk drivers and blah…blah…blah.
It’s just a frickin’ joke people.
The worst of it is that all that superior attitude is a total joke. When push comes to shove most Americans roll over easier than anyone. The first example that comes to mind is all these “safety on the highway” campaigns, but whenever a cyclist gets killed by an inattentive/drunk driver there are no consequences (I’ve followed about 5 or 6 incidents of this recently). I think that’s probably because it’s kind of a bother to make people SAVE THE LIVES of cyclists because people view cyclists as a minority and they don’t want to inconvenience the world of drivers. 
Now, finding the above ad funny is no way an endorsement of drunk driving, and energy spent getting all furious about it is energy that could be better spent actually helping people or doing something else productive. I wonder where this mentality comes from that when people see a flippant little commentary like this, they feel they are neglecting their civic duty by not slapping the face of every person in the room who is hinting at the twitch of a smile? I think it comes out of a combination of laziness, arrogance, and a sense of superiority–which seem to be the defining characteristics of Americans lately.

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