Cheap Home Security System

When you walk around Peru, you’re likely to see walls with broken glass and broken bottles embedded in the concrete.  In case you didn’t know, this means “keep out.”

Honestly, I don’t know how effective these broken glass walls are.  It seems to me all you’d have to do is throw a thick mat or a segment from a rug over it and you could crawl right over (maybe you’d have to hit it with a hammer a couple times…but I think you could defeat this).
Still, I suppose the advantage is that it’s super cheap.  If you wanted to make it even cheaper, I suppose you could use plastic bottles.
Other people in Peru use electrical wire that go “zzzzzp, zzzzzp, zzzzp” when it rains and hum the rest of the time.  The other night in the midst of a couple beers, Andrew accepted a bet to jump up in the air and grab one of these electrified wires for the meager price of S/. 100.  I bore witness, but I pretty much told the guy not to do it since if he jumped up, grabbed it, and had a heart attack then we’d have a body to get rid of and I hate getting rid of bodies.
Here’s another shot of the broken glass (imagine slip straddling that bad boy):
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