Cheap Medication in Peru

I’m telling you man. Peru is the place to be. In the US, if it’s not one thing it’s another. If the gas prices aren’t a million dollars a gallon, then the medication you need to SURVIVE is gouging you like an angry ice cream man looking for that final dirty penny. I, for one, suffer from Asthma, and I guess I’m fortunate in that my case is more of an annoyance than anything life-threatening. But I still have to buy my damn inhalers and they aren’t cheap or easy to come by. Most of the time you have to have a perscription, which requires you seeing a doctor! AS IF I NEED A DOCTOR TO TELL ME I CAN’T BREATHE! Anyway, after the doctor’s visit and the price of the perscription, a simple thing like the Ventolin inhaler below costs you around 100$:

But, ha ha! I paid only ten for the one you see above and I didn’t have to talk to any doctor either. Why you ask? Because I live in Peru where you can go into any corner drug store and ask for any medication you want and get it without question at a fraction of what it’d cost you in America. The above sample….10$. I just paid for my airfare! But it gets better, take the following generic version of the Advair inhaler:

What does an Advair inhaler in the US cost? I don’t know, I couldn’t afford to keep buying them when I was first perscribed Advair back in 2001. Back then it was something like 250$. It was only on a whim that I stumbled into a pharmacy here in Peru and asked them what Advair cost.
50$ was the reply.
And better yet, if I bought two, the third was free!
So you can get that for 33$ here in peru. Where does the 217$ mark up come from? Well, I guess in America, they just like to see little kids with blue faces because they can’t breathe. But I sympathize with them, those thirteenth homes in Miami and those fifty sports cars cost money. It’s best to squeeze it out of suffering people who can’t breathe. Believe me, when you can’t breathe, you’re going to pay.
This whole situation would be entirely perfect if I could just fill up my back packs with this stuff and redistribute it in the US for the price I paid here. I’d be happy to do it to, but naw…you can’t bring the stuff into the US. The customs agents specifically ask you if you have a bag full of PERSCRIPTION drugs. I’m not sure what law they’re upholding, or maybe they’ve just been paid off by the pharmaceutical companies to keep the influx of properly priced medication out of their major cash cow.
Who knows?
Although when people start grumbling about how unfair things are in the world…sometimes they DO have a point.

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