Chewbacca in Lima

To some, spending 100$ on a film quality Chewbacca mask might seem a little frivolous. Well, those people are WRONG! A film quality Chewbacca mask is AWESOME, especially when you have a wedding to go to and frankly you don’t feel like talking to most of the people who are attending.

I bought my Chewbacca mask with the full intention of bringing it down to Lima where I’d walk the streets at night wearing the mask and nothing else. Actually, were I to do that, I probably wouldn’t get too many second looks (there’s some pretty weird stuff walking the street at night down here).

Sadly, however, my suitcase ended up getting overly filled by the goods of one Owen Miller thus robbing me of my Chewbacca mask space.


Oh well, maybe it’s for the better in the end!

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