Chocolate Cake and Ice Cream…Larco Mar Style!

There was a time when I’d go out and get a plate of chocolate cake and ice cream and call it a meal.  Mostly, I used to go to the D’Onofrio next to Parque Kennedy where the cake plus ice cream combo was only about S/. 7.

Back in the day, I never wanted to spend more than S/. 5 on lunch.  I used to go to menus and ask for just the entree because then you could get it for S/. 3.
Man…the stuff I used to eat.
For example, some of the little Chifas that you find on hole in the wall street corners can be really health adverse.  The first rule of eating at Chifas is not to try a new one unless you have a free evening (in case the gut rot sneaks in).
Still, you can’t really go wrong eating chocolate cake and ice cream.  When you go to Larco, you’re going to be paying in the S/. 15 to S/. 20 range, but you get a better view since you’re perched right on the Costa Verde.
Then again, you can always just eat your S/. 7 cake and ice cream at D’Onofrio and then enjoy the view afterwards for free.
You see folks, stick by me and you’ll save anywhere between S. 8 and S/. 13 a day!
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