Choquequirao, Martin Koukal, and the Endless Hike

Here’s another photo set from the backside of Choquequirao.  I figured that since I took the effort to hike all the way up there, and then spent four or five hours wandering around snapping photos, that I might as well proliferate the internet with the resultant pictures.
The stairs on Inca ruins can be steep.  They must not have invented lawsuits or having handicap accessible ruins.
As I was hanging around snapping photos, bronze medalist and world champion Martin Koukal came jogging up.  This guy was a beast, he sprinted around the ruins like six times in the time it took me to traverse them once.  Plus, the guy could drink beer and eat French Fries.  I even look at a piece of bacon and I inflate like a balloon.  Oh well.
The blue tarp kind of ruins this photo.  What could possibly be the purpose of it?  How does the blue tarp protect the rocks?  Since when is blue tarp a more enduring substance than stone (maybe since they started making it out of plastic).
More photos of Choquequirao coming, but check these if you need some more right now.

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