If you ever get the chance to take advantage of some cheap flights to Peru, a place you should definitely check out is Choquequirao.  Choquequirao is a neat set of ruins that’s been getting a little bit more press lately.  The real advantage it has is that you can’t get there by car or by train, so if you want to see it, that means you’ll be hiking the Inca trail.  The nearest city to Choquequirao is Cachora, which is 17 miles away.  That may not seem like much, but believe me, 17 miles takes on a whole new dimension when you’re hiking it through the Andes.
I’ve been reading a lot of articles about how Choquequirao is more spectacular than Machu Picchu, but in my opinion that’s a bit of an overstatement.  Choquequirao is big, but it’s not as big as Machu Picchu.  Heck, it’s not even as big as Pisaq.
The real advantage of Choquequirao is that the place isn’t swarming with annoying tourists.  When I was there, there were a grand total of about 10 people in the whole ruins, and five of those were in my group.  The other five left pretty early, so you essentially have the place to yourself, although you’re not supposed to camp there (which is ridiculous frankly).
One thing that I thought was weird was that I couldn’t find a sacrificial altar anywhere.  However, I didn’t go out to the shaman’s quarters because the meandering path on the side of the mountain freaked me out a little bit.  I suppose I’ll have to do that the next time American Airlines offers some great deal to Peru.
All in all, I’d have to say that Choquequirao is a pretty awesome experience and well worth the hike!
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  1. Anonymous

    Triggered by your article i looked it up on Google Earth. There are some more photos with spectacular views. I have the impression that not all has yet been excavated. So who'll know at the end… But you're absolutely right: it is definetely worth while visiting thisplace. However I don 't hope that 'thanks to your article' the place gets overcrowded 🙂
    Tks again for a very nice article!
    Always/mostly reading with much interest…
    Jan Duine/ (still) The Netherlands

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