Cineplanet IMBECILES! Put up the Movie Times at your LOCATIONS!

You know…I’ve written about this multiple times and to this date nobody has jumped to attention to solve the problem…so I guess I’ll have to keep ranting!

The last time I was in Peru, I got a chance to go to the movies with my wife.  When you have children, you pretty much don’t get to go to the movies anymore.  For the most part this is fine because I’ve seen all the movies anyway, and it’s frankly more fun to watch the kids.  Still, I do enjoy getting away from time to time to have solo moments with my wife.

So Grandma came to take Sofia and my wife and I walked up to the Ovalo de Gutierrez to pick a film to see.  We arrived a few minutes before it opened, and…lo and behold…the fancy screen in the background that shows the movie times was TURNED OFF!

We looked all around for some sort of sheet or display which told what movies were on and there was NOTHING!


Look, if there’s one thing that really burns me it’s when a business is poorly run.  If you are a THEATER it’s STUPID to not have the TIMES OF YOUR FEATURES posted 24 HOURS A DAY!!!

The reason you want this is because YOU’RE ALREADY RENTING THE PROPERTY!!!

There will be random people walking by who might say to themselves, “Oh look, the latest Justin Bieber world tour film will be showing in just 3 hours, let’s kill time until then so we can see it!”

If you don’t have the movie times displayed…this doesn’t happen!

So I was standing around screaming about this when some idiot manager came and asked me what the problem was.  I told him and demanded to see a list with movie times.  When he shrugged and said he didn’t have one, I smashed his head through a plate glass window and stomped his skull into an unrecognizable pulp.

Then I wrote, “put the movie times on display” in his blood on the floor of the lobby.

If there’s no film list the next time I go to Cineplanet, I’m going to do the same thing to the replacement manager.

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