Combi Intersection in Lima, Peru

Is it just perspective, or is that post really at such an angle?

Actually…I think that post is really at that angle!

You know, it’s amazing the types of things that make you nostalgic when you’re missing a place.  This is just a pretty mundane image that I probably snapped through the window of a taxi while zipping up and down the streets of Lima.  Behind the barricade is a Combi stop where people frantically push and shove each other in order to get on a Combi.  Other people just stand around there all day taking advantage of the chaos because it means they can get close to people and rob them blind.

The world’s a crazy place, but most people do things because they’ve got a good reason…at least for themselves.

Anyway, I can’t figure out that pole.  Why would you stick it in the ground at that angle?  You know, if it were an American company building the road, they’d get a $50,000 piece of equipment that would align the pole with the sun, the moon, and the nearest start to our solar system.  It’d take them two and a half months to put that pole in at a cost that would bankrupt a small country…but by god…it’d be straight.

In Peru, they just grab a couple guys and whip the thing up in like 15 minutes.  Sure it ends up crooked, but nobody goes bankrupt trying to pay for the thing…Peru’s awesome!

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  1. Anonymous

    The Photo shows Coasters, or Coosters depending on how you want to pronounce it. A Combi is a punched out/up Van. I guess you have never really spent much time with the transit system here in Lima.

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