Criminals find Wealthy Victims at Starbucks

I’ve written several articles expressing my disgust with Starbucks.  The main reason is that a lot of people like to talk about how Starbucks is this great Capitalistic success story even though the overwhelming data shows that it was just a product of a booming economy that enticed millions of people to blow their money on $10 fancy named lattes (they’ve been going bankrupt left and right in recent years).  

Personally, I believe that consumers should endeavor to actually get value for their dollar instead of just conforming to some sort of elitist sense of identity through brand naming.  Well, I recently just got word of yet another reason why you shouldn’t go to Starbucks.  Apparently I’m not the only person who thinks that the only people who turn up there are rich assholes, criminals have started to figure that out as well.
A friend of mine in Peru sent me an article a couple days ago about a massive robbery that took place at the Starbucks at the Ovalo de Gutierrez.  Apparently a bunch of armed thieves ran into the place and demanded the laptops and wallets of everybody who was quietly sitting there snidely sipping their overpriced drinks and glancing around randomly with superior looks on their faces.  The thieves made everyone get on the floor, and after stealing all the laptops, they ran outside to the valet parking, got the keys, and stole things from inside people’s vehicles as well (apparently no vehicles were stolen).
Now, obviously these criminals need to be hunted down and persecuted. Nobody would argue that…  However, the less obvious thing here is that maybe, if you’re traveling abroad, you SHOULDN’T hang out at elitist watering holes that have spent millions of dollars creating a brand name that says, “I’m a rich asshole.”
The criminals KNEW that the people in Starbucks were going to have fat wallets and expensive laptops.  That’s the culture of Starbucks.  And if criminals KNOW that there are good marks to be found at Starbucks, Starbucks is no longer a safe place to go for a coffee.
Find a locally owned, individual enterprise (which is the ACTUAL essence of capitalism) and sample their coffee.  It’ll be safer, and the coffee will be better too.
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  1. Anonymous

    Starbucks is just another monolithic "fast food" entity siphoning off the last few shekels from the world's desiccated masses. At best Strabucks is a dubious success story that pales in comparison to the once heralded greats of commerce like General Motors, J.C. Penney and IBM, but hey if you can charge people $5 for pouring hot water over beans and get away with it all the power to you.

  2. Anonymous

    You will probably find that a lot of small cafe and restaurants have free WIFI. You just need to ask.

  3. Anonymous

    Hey! I saw your post about the mediamaraton in Peru last year when searching on google…do you have any info on races in peru between june 19th and july 26th? I will be in the area and really wanted to do a race while in south america. If you could comment back here that would be great. Thanks, Anna

  4. Anonymous

    I would only go to Starbucks (not for the coffee) for the free wifi for my Ipod touch. Where else can we get free wifi in Miraflores?

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