Cusco Painting Displays

As you walk around Cusco, you’ll constantly come across little displays like the ones in the above image. Fairly talented artists hang their work all over the doorways to popular restaurants, etc. 
I’ve never spent much time talking to these artists. Actually, I’m just assuming that they’re actually the artist. For all I know they just make a color print of some image they found on the internet, glue it to a canvas, throw it in a frame, and sell it to tourists who probably throw it away before they ever get a chance to hang it in their bathroom back home.
Occasionally you see this artwork hanging about in houses in Peru, but for the most part the only place you ever see it is on the streets of Cusco.
Good for them though, if they can make a living painting and selling their stuff in the street, I say more power to ’em. Painting supplies are expensive, so I hope they’re selling enough to do slightly more than break even (“slightly more than breaking even” seems to be the going rate in Peru…and elsewhere when you think about it).
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